Empower your team with culture of appreciation

Bring employee recognition, rewards, and celebrations to Slack.

Elevate your team spirit with the Sweet Kudos Slack Bot. Emojis will become the currency of fun, team spirit and appreciation, and your team spirit will flourish.

No credit card required    30-day free trial

Change emoji anytime

Your team is tired of 🌮 ? No problem. You can switch anytime to any other emoji free of charge.

Change number of kudos

5 emojis per day is not enough? Change emojis per day and set your own economy.

Create unlimited rewards

Unlimited number or rewards for your team and Team members can join their forces.

One morning you wake up, and ...

You have been given a super-kudos-power

Each day, your team members have a certain amount of Kudos to give as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation.

Sweet Kudos helps employee recognition, rewards, and celebrations to Slack.

Steps to Success


Add to Slack

Add Sweet Kudos to Slack in few simple steps.


Easy setup

Choose your preferred Emoji and set the daily Kudos number.


Encourage team

Weave the magic of appreciation into team messages.


Watch team thrive

Every Emoji translates into a tangible manifestation of appreciation.

Create your own Kudos and Rewards economy

Empower your expanding team. Customize the Kudos limit anytime! Give 10, 17, 55, or more daily with our Flexible System.

Data privacy and security

Your data privacy matters. Sweet Kudos bot complies with the strict Slack privacy requirements and GDPR.