Team spirit & morale booster

Embrace giving with Sweet Kudos Leaderboards. Explore & Celebrate your Top Givers and Receivers.


Giving-minded culture

You will cultivate a space where teams thrive, productivity soars, and success becomes the main product.

Unlimited leaderboards

The whole team at your glance with a qucik access to a single team member.

Fast filtering

You can sort users by Givers, Receivers and and top Kudos earners.

Slack leaderboards

No need for daily app access – retrieve crucial data effortlessly from the Slack Bot space.

Key Benefits of Sweet Kudos

  • Promoting positive comunication
  • Empowers team members with gratitude
  • Easy conversation starter
  • Employee morale booster
  • Helps remote teams connect
  • Encourages people to show gratitude