Reporting Analytics

Dashboards and reports to analyze your data

Unlock insights into team dynamics with our simple analytics dashboard. Analyze and optimize team connections, gaining valuable perspectives.

Delving deeper into team relations

Powerful stats dashboard with every team member profile accessible with a single click.

Access every moment of appreciation

The whole team at your glance with a qucik access to a feed or a single team member.

Single member profile

You can view single member activity and rewards that they have claimed.

Tips for Sweet Kudos Success

  • Boost channels or create new ones like #kudos or #gratitude.
  • Celebrate both big and small achievements.
  • Spark conversations with the power of Kudos.
  • Get leaders and managers involved they have the power to spark a conversation with the power of Kudos.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity.
  • Have fun giving Kudos and claiming Rewards!