(actually) simple pricing

We charge only for active users.
Price ranges from $2.39 – $2.59.
Free up to 10 active users and no additional costs.

Everyone starts


  • Up to 10 active users
  • Access to Celebrations bot
  • Perfect for exploring Sweet Kudos

Pick a plan


  • Up to active users
  • Unlimited number of Kudos
  • Unlimited number of Rewards
  • Unlimited everything

Designed for larger teams


  • Over 100 active users
  • Unlimited everything
  • Priority email & live chat support

Our pricing is determined by the number of active users.

An active user is defined as someone who has been added to a Slack channel that includes the Sweet Kudos bot.

You don’t pay for anyone on your team who is not added to Sweet Kudos channels.

Click “View all pricing plans” at the top of the page for a breakdown of each pricing tier.

After your trial period, rest assured you won’t face any charges, as we don’t ask for credit card details to try Sweet Kudos.

You should expect a few gentle reminders to subscribe during the trial period. If you opt not to subscribe and your trial ends, whenever someone gives Kudos, they’ll receive a message from Sweet Kudos informing them that the trial has ended.

Recognition inside team is important for your business and will have a impact long term.

You should take a look at all your options and go with what’s best for your team.

Sweet Kudos is free to start, with no credit card required and you can invite your entire team to help you make a decision.

We believe we’ve built the best tool in our class. If you need to have peer recognition & engagement tool, we can confidently say Sweet Kudos is likely the right choice.

Yes, we will be more than happy to do this. You can Contact us and we will make it happen.