User Roles

Team hierarchy that boosts productivity

We are equipped with user roles. Streamline workflows, and foster a more organized and happy team members.

Build team hierarchy for optimal team excellence

There is no limit to incorporating more team members into the Human Resources role, contributing to creating meaningful connections.

Organise faster

Assign some team members the responsibility of adding birthdays and work anniversaries, while others can focus on tracking and creating rewards.


Make your team's milestones even more special - everybody can suggest a reward, everybody can claim it.

How to excel with User Roles

  • More people get more work done
    Add additional members to the human resources role, and they can help you create and manage rewards.
  • Creative approach to motivation
    One small idea can lead to a spark in team motivation. So, make sure to keep everyone involved. 
  • Better oversight of analytics
    More admin members mean powerful insights overview and streamlined decision-making.
  • Meaningful way to improve team performance
    More than one admin means combining fun ideas with meaningful work