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Employee Recognition

Cultivating meaningful relationships

Every great company culture begins with great relationships. With Sweet Kudos you can take it to the next level in a fun and easy way.

Addressing the universal need for Appreciation

With the growth of work-from-home culture and hybrid teams, there is room for improvement of meaningful connections.


Sweet Kudos helps people feel more appreciated and increases happiness.


Express gratitude and recognize peers effortlessly by giving your virtual Kudos.


Slack Bot that so simple to use. We like to say - Simple as a Kudo meaningful as a Kudos.

Tips for Sweet Kudos Success

  • Boost channels or create new ones like #kudos or #gratitude.
  • Celebrate both big and small achievements.
  • Spark conversations with the power of Kudos.
  • Get leaders and managers involved they have the power to spark a conversation with the power of Kudos.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity.
  • Have fun giving Kudos and claiming Rewards!