Certain dates means more with Kudos

Slack Birthday bot & Work Anniversary Bot

Turn the spotlight on your team members! Our Birthday Slack Bot facilitates celebrations within the Slack channel, creating a lively atmosphere for everyone to participate.

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slack birthday bot

Slack Birthday bot that Celebrates with your team

Our Celebrations Bot sends timely reminders about upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries, ensuring your team stays connected and engaged inside your Slack Workspace.

Never miss a special day

Once the Celebrations date has come your team members will receive notifications about special dates, allowing them to organize Kudos-giving events.

Quick and Easy setup

Select the dedicated Slack channel for posting special notifications about team member birthdays and work anniversaries.

Tips for Sweet Kudos Success

  • Boost channels or create new ones like #kudos or #gratitude.
  • Celebrate both big and small achievements.
  • Spark conversations with the power of Kudos.
  • Get leaders and managers involved they have the power to spark a conversation with the power of Kudos.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity.
  • Have fun giving Kudos and claiming Rewards!