Sweet Kudos is a bootstrapped startup founded in 2023 by Marko Rajevic and Dusan Milovanovic

Sweet Kudos is affecting work cultures around the world

In workplaces around the globe, the rise of Sweet Kudos is transforming office cultures in a truly inspiring way. This simple yet profound concept is rooted in the power of appreciation, bringing people together.

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Core values that drive everything we do

Celebration of Success

At Sweet Kudos, we believe in celebrating every victory, big or small. Our tool is designed to foster a culture of appreciation, where acknowledgment and positive reinforcement are key to empowering individuals and teams.

Collaboration and Connectivity

We aim to promote seamless collaboration and connectivity among team members. Sweet Kudos helps strengthen relationships and build a more cohesive team dynamic.

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of Sweet Kudos. We always try to embrace the feedback from our users and use it as a stepping stone for continuous improvement.

Integrity in Recognition

Sweet Kudos ensures that all contributions are acknowledged fairly and transparently, reinforcing trust and credibility within teams and across the organization.