How do you add a user to the Admin role?

A person who created a Sweet Kudos account is a Super Admin and can control User Roles.

What is the difference between the Admin role and the regular user?

  • Admin role can see pages like Feed, Full team stats
  • Admin role can create and edit Rewards
  • Admin role can approve/disapprove Rewards
  • Admin role can set Work Anniversary date
  • Admin role can set Birthdays for every person in the team
  • Admin role can access the full Settings page inside the Sweet Kudos app and the Sweet Kudos bot screen.

To add someone as an Admin of Sweet Kudos, go to the Sweet Kudos app / Settings / Team Members and click “Promote to HR Role”.

Users added to the Admin Role (HR) can now have credentials similar to Super Admin.

If you want to add someone who is not listed in the Team members list, you can add this person’s email, and when they sign up to Sweet Kudos, they will be promoted to the HR team.

Removing Admin (HR) role

If you want to remove a user from the Admin role, click the “Remove HR role” button.