How does Sweet Kudos work?

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up because we’re diving deep into the world of Sweet Kudos. You’ve heard whispers about its awesomeness, but you’re still scratching your head, wondering, “How does this thing work, man?”

Picture this: Sweet Kudos is like your personal cheerleader in the digital realm, encouraging positivity and appreciation among your team. It’s a tool that elevates the vibe of your workspace.


  1. You get a certain amount of Kudos per day
  2. It is a use or loose system, but each day number of Kudos renews
  3. A new day is a new chance to give away more Kudos
  4. The heartwarming and genuine Kudos messages are the cornerstone of using Sweet Kudos
  5. Admins can change daily limits
  6. Admins can change Kudos Emoji
  7. Exchange received Kudos Emojis for Rewards

Picture this: whenever you feel like giving props, showing gratitude, or spreading some kindness, you can dish out a virtual Kudos along with a heartwarming message.

Giving Kudos on Slack is a breeze. Just tag your coworker’s @username, type your message, and throw in a Kudos emoji. It’s as simple as that.