How do I create rewards?

Introducing rewards is an outstanding method to amplify the value attributed to the received Kudos. The rewards you create are fully customizable and encourage you to unleash your creativity and enjoy crafting unique incentives for your team members.

If you are admin of the Sweet Kudos Workspace you will be able to edit Rewards – you can do this by clicking on the Edit button in the list rewards screen.

You can create Rewards by navigating to Sweet Kudos / Rewards and clicking on Add New Reward.

The Create Reward screen will appear.

Here you will find several fields

  • Name of the reward – here, you can enter the name of the reward
  • Reward description – here, you can enter the short description that will be visible to anyone
  • A description that appears on the reward page after redeeming the reward – this text will appear when a user claims a reward
  • Reward photo – you can add a photo of the reward

Reward settings is a place where you can add a few cool options for rewards such as:

  • Price – this is how much Kudos does the reward cost
  • Enable reward crowdfunding – some rewards can be bigger and the so the whole team can participate
  • Redeem multiple times per user – users can claim this reward several times if they have enough Kudos.
  • Hide reward – the reward will appear once the user has enough Kudos to claim the reward – it is a nice feature to add an element of surprise to the Sweet Kudos game.
  • Draft – remove the reward from the list of rewards.
  • Quantity – set the number of times reward can be claimed – default is 1